Related Topics: Category: Prices and inflation Date: 20 February 2020. Average potato and sweet potato prices across South Africa's provinces for January 2020. The shortage of 34% in South Africa has been steady since the 2016 survey, although the types of skill shortages have changed slightly. Lets take a look at the average price per kilogram of potatoes per province for January 2020. Irish supplies of potatoes in 2021 could be affected by a potential post-Brexit ban on the importation of spuds from the UK. In week 42, the blueberry market is mainly dominated by Mexico, Peru and South Africa. A POTATO shortage in South Africa (SA) has led to potato prices in Namibia shooting up by 25 per cent over the last week. Since mid-June, potato prices have been on average 46% higher than in the same period last year. Another 25 per cent price hike is expected this week. The Namibian (Windhoek) ... She said most of the country's potato shortfall is sourced from South Africa. An influx of European potato fries into New Zealand has already impacted on domestic growers, ... with those in the United States, Australia and South Africa also calling for duties or actions to limit or enforce anti-dumping measures. The first shipments are arriving in… In four months, the average … This programme was launched in response to a critical shortage of seed potatoes which resulted in the country importing 60 percent of its total requirement, mostly from South Africa. More in Africa: Key Technology and Heat and Control form strategic partnership in South Africa and Sub-Saharan November 11, 2020; Kenya: Potato-legume intercropping can decrease soil erosion, improve moisture retention, boost yields October 28, 2020 ‘The future is now’: Kiremko Remote Service starts up new Moroccan french fry line remotely October 27, 2020 Potato Supply chain; Why South Africa Potato Prices Exploded by 140% in Just Four Months; South Africa Has Seen a Massive Surge in Potato Prices in Recent Months. Comment now. The 2019 report showed that the world-wide skills shortage is on average 54% while it is 34% in South Africa. 9 July 2020. The research centre’s business development and marketing executive Mr Oswell Mharapara said they are multiplying seed potato… Peruvian blueberries in particular are available in all continents. 2020 … Although prospects for South Africa’s 2020 guava crop have been, for the most part, favourable so far this season, there is concern that there will not be enough workers available for… South Africa has been hit by a countrywide potato shortage due to adverse climactic conditions which will affect supply, quality and pricing of frozen potato products. Worker shortage not going away. Related Stories. Oct 23, 2020. ... 2020 RAM 1500 Warlock 5.7L Hemi. The summary below shows the average price per kilogram of potatoes … Farmers in Northern and Western provinces are still facing shortage of Irish Potato seeds and this worsened in the Agricultural Season A that was launched on September 15, 2020.